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Pholklore is about enjoying delicious Vietnamese food and chill ocean-side vibes. Our menu is a mix of plates to share, lunch rolls, salads and hearty serves of pho. Our bar boasts a range of drinks, from beer to wine to pho-inspired cocktails. Open 7 days on the Torquay Esplanade.


Some of our favourites  —


pho bO

Rare beef and brisket rice noodle soup. It has a clear rich broth that has been simmering away for long over 12 hours, hits the spot any time of day. $17


Bun Bo Hue

Popular Vietnamese soup with a thick rice vermicelli noodle (bun) originating from the city Hue, it’s made from a pork and beef broth and packs a spicy punch. $19


Pho fusion

A delicious melting pot of mixed cuisines. These crafty dishes infuse pho with some of your favourite foods from Japan to Malaysia, Thailand and more. Leaving you ever so satisfied. From $18


On the coals

Inspired by Japanese yakitori masters - we have incorporated a konro barbeque to cook a range of skewers. Check the specials skewer board for what's cooking on the coals. Specials board changes daily and there is a limited number of skewers each day.




38 The Esplanade,
Torquay Victoria 3228



Monday – Thursday from 5pm
Friday – Sunday from 12pm

Bookings available for groups of 10 or more.
Groups less than 10 are welcome to walk-in.
Takeaway available.



Phone – 045 PHO GOOD (045 746 4663)